Thursday , 4 June 2020

In any process of land clearing for plantations, BEST AGRO always prioritizes the preservation of the environment. It is accomplished by leaving some areas of clearing land for forest conservation to maintain and preserve the wildlife in it.

The process of land clearing is mechanically done and without using any form of fire at all. It is a fundamental corporate policy and as a main concern for the environment. BEST AGRO committed to opening new roads, which connects isolated areas in the interior region. It is one of positive impact on local economies and area. In the past, the sole mode of transportation is only through air transport. With the opening of oil palm plantations, the used of land transportation is something common nowadays.

Using palm oil seeds from the best varieties, BEST AGRO is able to produce fresh fruit bunches of the highest quality. Through the implementation of best management and agronomy practices consistently and professionally, BEST AGRO is able to produce fresh fruit bunch earlier than its typical age of the plant.

BEST AGRO has performed an intensive maintenance and treatment to its palm oil plant, starting from immature plant category up to ' Mature plants level. Activities undertaken include weed control, soil fertilizing, and maintaining soil covering plant.

When palm oil plant becomes mature and turns into the category of crop yield, a good Harvest Management ' is the key to obtain and produce the quantity and quality of good CPO. The availability of reliable men power for harvesting, reliable means of transportation and a good infrastructure are the main requisites in accomplishing the production target.